Welcome to Glanis Institute of Allied Health Sciences

Campus Plan

While creating a medical college of the future, one needs to pay meticulous care to the campus plan and the buildings that go inside the campus. This is exactly what we have done at the Glanis campus at Madurai. A great deal of time, effort & planning have been put into creating a world-class medical college campus for the Glanis Institute of Medical Sciences.

The Glanis Institute of Medical Sciences campus will have 1.5 million square feet of buildings – all carefully planned in a beautiful 40 acre campus.

The medical college will be located in the south side of the campus and will have well-equipped smart classrooms, dissection hall with smart-dissection boards, digital teaching tools & animation theaters.

The 700 bed hospital located on the North side will have ultra-modern facilities and various clinical centers of excellence. The hospital will have a special design that promotes healing.

The whole campus plan will have an aesthetic sense to it. The Glanis campus will essentially be a home away from home from the hundreds of medical students and faculty coming from all over the world.

We want to create a great atmosphere where students can relax, enjoy the company of their friends and have an ideal environment for learning.

The campus will have a multi-storeyed student center that will house an indoor sports arena, swimming pool, gymnasium, reading halls and even a movie theater. Interspersed in the campus will be a number of gardens, parks, water lakes and walking trails where the students can enjoy the leisurely atmosphere.

The Glanis campus will offer some of the best food choices in its multi-cuisine food court and campus restaurants where students can taste healthy, nutritious and hygienically prepared food. All the things that will make it a truly world-class campus.