Welcome to Glanis Institute of Allied Health Sciences

The Beginning

Medicine today is shaped by medical discoveries that were unimaginable even a decade ago. The pace of medical research is astounding and the future of Medicine is being rewritten. Teaching health care professionals in the 21st century cannot be done with outdated and medieval tools –it requires equally sophisticated technology.

Medical technology and the practice of Medicine has changed dramatically in the last century, but little has changed in the way Medicine is taught in today’s medical colleges in India. While healthcare technology has witnessed quantum leaps in the last few decades, medical education technology in India has remained rudimentary.

High-quality medical care is deliverable not just through the use of high-end medical technology. It requires well-trained doctors and other healthcare professionals. While huge investments are made in sophisticated medical technology, no or little investments are made in medical education technology. The conventional classroom and the traditional lab still remain the training ground for healthcare professionals. Hospital wards which are designed & equipped to deliver patient care are not adequately designed or equipped for clinical education.

Glanis Institute of Allied Health Sciences is an initiative of highly-qualified doctors trained in the world’s best medical centers to bring most advanced medical education methodologies to India – in an effort to create world-class healthcare professionals.