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Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital

Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital is a 100 bed super specialty hospital with wide-ranging facilities and dedicated, team of doctors. The Hospital’s Chairman Prof.A.Devadoss, is well known in the region practicing orthopedic surgery for the last 46 years. His vision to provide a variety of healthcare services has been the mission behind Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital.

There are 18 intensive care beds available, all with monitors which are connected to a central computer for monitoring. All beds have connection for sophisticated ventilator machine where new borns of 900 gm weight can be given artificial breathing. Doctors and nurses working in the ICU have undergone special training for treating patients in the intensive care unit. Four state of art operating theaters with laminar airflow and steel walls with anti-bacterial coating help the surgeons to perform sophisticated operations. Laparoscopic surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries, endoscopic ENT surgeries, thoracoscopy and hysteroscopy are some of the key-hole surgeries performed. Joint Replacement. Micro vascular surgeries to reimplant severed hands, toes, fingers, Cosmetic surgeries & laser treatments, neuro surgery Micro surgery for brain & spine, minimally invasive spine surgery, 24 hrs head injury care with ICU & Stroke unit ventilator, cancer surgeries are some of the specialized procedures performed in this hospital.